How To Install
Like An Expert

Masking Tape
A spray bottle with water
(A 3" putty knife with
a taped blade works fine)
Cloth towel

1. Clean and dry the area thoroughly. Tape the top corners of your decal in place, measuring carefully to insure proper alignment.

2. Apply a piece of masking tape across the top of the entire decal once you are happy with its position. Be sure to press it down well!

3. Fold the decal up, using the tape as a "hinge", and carefully peel off the backing paper. Use small pieces of masking tape to hold the decal up once the backing is removed.

4. Mist the back of the decal and the application area with water (you can mix a drop of dishwashing soap with it for some extra slipperiness)

5. Fold the decal back down, smoothing it firmly as you roll it onto the surface. Rub a bodyshop squeegee or any hard, smooth tool on the decal, applying pressure as you roll it down. Be careful not to damage the masking or the decal.

6. You must squeeze ALL of the water out from under the decal, so you should go over it several times, rubbing from the middle out. If you are applying the decal to glass you should wait a few minutes for the masking and decal to dry before going to step 7.

7. Thoroughly spray the masking with water and squeegee it again, going over the entire decal. The idea is to force the water THROUGH the masking, while pushing the decal down again. This should help release it from the decal.

8. Gently peel off the masking (and the masking tape). Pull at a sharp angle to the side and up or down but try not to pull OUT towards you or directly OUT from the decal.

Dry off any excess water, wipe off any smudges and you're done.