Free Online Games

Free Online Games

Free online games are a new form of entertainment that increases in popularity on the internet every day. They are played by everyone from high school teenagers, middle school students, college and university students, and even bored professionals who are looking for a few minutes of distraction in the middle of their workday. Most games are created by young, independent developers in hopes that they will be the next big thing to hit the internet. Others are attempts to capture the imagination of the millions of internet gamers who are constantly searching for a short diversion from an otherwise drab and uneventful workday.

Most of the free online game web sites claim to be the world's largest or the internet's most popular. They also claim to have millions of game players, and quite often this is actually correct. The vast majority of game players are casual visitors to these sites and usually do not sign up or register at individual game sites. They simply find the free online game sites through search engines or through word of mouth from their friends.

The number of game sites is staggering and while most are internet games played through your web browser, some are also available for downloading to use on a player's local computer. Some online games are designed as network games which offer the possibility of playing against large numbers of other internet users. There are also board games and other similar formats that emphasize game play against the computer system for those that prefer matching wits against a machine.

The types of games are almost infinite but the most popular include racing games, sports games, war and strategy games, fighting games, board games, arcade games, puzzle games, and adventure games. There are games designed specifically for children featuring themes like Spiderman, Spongebob, Sonic, Mario, and Pacman. There are games for girls that specifically cater to their interests and desires. There are games based on Hannah Montana, Barbie, cooking games, make-up and dress-up games. There are online games that are designed for specific age groups and others that the entire family would find interesting.

Most of the online games are browser based using Flash or Shockwave which make them playable on any computer platform. Some are not completely compatible with Macintosh computers but the vast majority will work on any computer, using any graphic based browser being run on any server that is accessible on the internet. No user should ever have to pay for a high quality online game experience because of the huge quantity of free game sites available through even a casual search on any search engine.

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